Monday, April 16, 2007

Free Monologues

Alternate Dimension Andy, I'd like to save you a few bucks; save you a few minutes of your time.

I'm cleaning off my old hard drive, and I've found a few of the old monologues I wrote. I'll start posting them here so that you and other starving actors can use 'em. Some are for women, so be sure to share them with your alternate dimension actor girlfriend. None of 'em are particularly great, in my opinion, but hey, they're free! What did you expect? Hopefully, these'll be useful to you and to people who don't have the time to run to the library or don't have the money to purchase monologue books or scripts.

Some notes about these monologues:
  • Free monologues will be tagged with "free" and "monologue," plus a gender tag: "male," "female" or "gender-neutral." Should make it easy for you to find them.
  • The opinions of the characters speaking the monologues do not necessarily reflect my own beliefs.
  • If you have monologues that I've written that aren't posted here, I'd appreciate you send 'em my way so I can share 'em with the other starving actors.
  • Any actors other than Alternate Dimension Andy who are in need of monologues can request them here. Just send me an email or post a comment in this thread.

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